Concert photography tips

Peter White in action. Image by Caroline Kaminju
Peter White in action. Image by Caroline Kaminju

‘A picture speaks a thousand words’. That is true of the moments of time we freeze using a camera. Today, its very easy to record moments in time thanks to technological advancements.  Sometimes we can take a picture for the sake of it and later when we look back at it, the layers begin unfolding and it speaks volumes. Whether we take pictures for fun or not, here are some great tips to consider when taking pictures.

  1. Tell a story – once you have chosen a subject, plan in your mind what angle of the story you would like to tell. Usually the 5 solders (Why, What, Where, Who, When and How) can help with the mind mapping
  2. Research – As with any subject, its important to research and know in advance what you would like to say. What facet about the Cape Town Jazz festival would you like to highlight and why? Which artist would you like to document and why? How many pictures are you going to use to tell your story?
  3. Style – how do you want to present your images? What mood or feeling to you want to portray? With music there are different genres – would you use black and white or colour?
  4. Pre-preparation before the actual photography. What kind of camera equipment are you going to use?
  5. Techniques – Depending on the story you are telling, are you going to freeze the action or just use a slow shutter speed to give the sense of movement? Its wise to use yourdiscretion on this and allow it to fit into your overall photo story.
  6. RAW – always shoot in RAW format as it gives you more freedom in post-production such as white balance, changing exposure and so on.

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