Darren English (SA/USA) – Trumpeter

Trumpeter Darren English. Image courtesy of CTIJF

Born in Cape Town in 1990, Darren English started his music career while studying at Muizenberg High School.

“I didn’t actually choose the trumpet. I was going between classes and I saw my music teacher playing a trumpet. He asked me whether I would like to play ‘this thing’, and I said yeah I will give it a try. I asked him where do I switch it on and he said I should come after school and I did every single day after that”.

After high school, he joined University of Cape town and met Clause Cozens. They both went to Norway for further studies and even appeared at the Norwegian Fold Festival in 2009.

English returned to South Africa and  honed his skills at jam sessions in Cape Town and through partnerships with great musicians such as Jimmy Dludlu, Zim Ngqawana, Feya Faku among others.

He expresses himself better on trumpet than on any other instrument though he claims he has a love-hate relationship with his trumpet.

‘Its really a great love and a real hate feeling at the same time’.

His music is described as

Watch this artist in action at the 2017 Cape Town International Jazz festival.


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