Faces of Green Market Square

Jojo Gaucha from Maputo at the Green Market Squre. Image by Luzuko Tyala

Jojo Guacha moved to Cape Town three months ago and he’s a real jazz lover. “I started listening to jazz when I was three so I got into it deeply and I’ve always wanted to attend a festival,” he said. His appreciation for the likes of Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and John Coltrane has continued to influence his musical taste.

On Wednesday, he made his way to Greenmarket Square for the annual free concert featuring a selection of artists from those who will also perform at the main Cape Town International Jazz Festival on Friday and Saturday.

The Maputo-born photographer has been enjoying his time in the city and he hopes make it to at least one of the official jazz festival days. Guacha, who is working at a factory until he can break into the South African photography industry, has only ever had the chance to see smaller preview jazz shows in Mozambique, but nothing as big as the festival here in Cape Town.

“I am definitely looking forward to it,” he says.

No ticket needed for Andy Walsh from Australia who landed in Cape Town in the morning, invited by friend Kim Grundel from Germany, who had been enticed by the guest house tour suggestions. Patiently, they seated themselves waiting to hear the sounds of jazz, mentioning what a treat this would be, especially for Andy who said: “Melbourne does not make this happen for us for free.” With no previous exposure to the genre, he looked forward to hearing some electronic fusion. Kim, meanwhile, couldn’t wait for the disco to start.


Jazzy Vibrations: Ayanda Golini and Mpumzi Pasiwe warming up for the acts ahead at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival’s free concert at Greenmarket Square. Ayanda is quite the jazz enthusiast and is excited about the Cape Town International Jazz Festival this weekend. She would have liked to see Thandiswa Mazwai at the free concert, but is nevertheless thrilled with line-up of Moreira Chonguica and En Vogue… just a taster of what will be on offer at the festival this weekend.


Musician and producer, Guy Jacobs aka Pinky, from B Fake and 20 Skate, only heard of the free concert in Greenmarket Square a few days ago. While he won’t be going to the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, he is happy to be enjoying the vibe of the free concert with his friends.


Abdullah Omar and Faisal Saeed, students from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, were pleasantly surprised and excited to discover the free concert in Green Market Square. Abdullah loves Jazz while his friend simply enjoys the atmosphere of the square and seeing people have fun.

Story by Philadelphia Makwawa, Mpiletso Motumi and Shireen


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