Varshita Review – Swahili version

Unaweza kutarajia kuona nini unapoweka familia ya kiafrika na ya kihindi pamoja? Vituko na sarakasi! Soma zaidi kuhusu Varshita.


Varshita Review – English Version

What can you expect to see when you put an inter-cultural and inter-racial family together – specifically an African and Indian family? Rib-cracking comedy! This is what Varshita offers and more.


BY JOY MPHANDE   Music that touches the soul is for the good, the bad, the young, the old and the hungry! They all came to the Cape Town International Jazz Festival Free Concert on Green Market Square. And who is to say who understands it better – the camera-toting youngster, or the older man…

An ending with a start: Mango Groove in Greenmarket Square

I had forgotten how captivating the song Special Star by Mango Groove was. It had me dancing at my primary school concerts. But  as the band was being introduced in Greenmarket Square last night, at the Free Concert of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival,  the audience cheered with anticipation for a performance that even…

UCT Jazz Big Band

On 26 March 2017, the Cape Town Jazz Festival Arts Journalism and Photojournalism participants visited the University of Cape Town Music School. The photojournalists documented the reharsals which were conducted by William Haubricht. Here are some images by the following photojournalist: Lebo, Luzuko, Malwande, Mlibo, Samson and Zimaza.

Faces of Green Market Square

Patiently, they seated themselves waiting to hear the sounds of jazz, mentioning what a treat this would be, especially for Andy who said: “Melbourne does not make this happen for us for free.


Pics: Luzuko Tyala | Story by: Mpiletso Motumi and Shireen Fisher Keanan Lewis seems shy – but when he talks about music, his eyes sparkle. “This is like a dream for me and I’m still improving that dream,” he says. To keep the dream alive, he has to wake up at 4am every day to commute…

How to take jazz photographs | Lauren Deutsch’s technique

Have you ever looked at a photograph and thought – just how did he/she achieve this kind of effect? This is the first part of 3 that will explore the aesthetics, techniques and practicalities of making great jazz images. To help us with this journey, I will explore three photographers, Lauren Deutsch, Ernest Gregory and…

Similarities Between Photography and Jazz

When listening to jazz and photographing jazz, ones to wait for the moment. You need to be patience There are no mistakes in jazz and photography – just missed opportunities Micromanaging stifles creativity Engaging with other musicians in the band stand much like one engages with the subjects in photography o Creating harmony and be…